Burgers Brunch


Plant Theory in house items use 100% vegan, organic, local or responsibly grown ingredients.



Because we want to be
Because we believe that food is our pharmacy
Because we trust our bodies to heal
Because we practice compassion for all sentient beings
Because we love Mother Earth and want to take care of her
Because we believe our foods should’nt have GMOs or toxins
Because our carbon footprint matters
Because food is alchemy al·che·my \ˈal-kə-mē\: a seemingly magical process of transformation and or creation



We are team of dedicated individuals who are passionate in providing you the very best. We are inspired to share with you what the ultimate healthy possibilities can be. We are committed to you and want to meet you wherever you are on your path. We are in this together.


We are constantly striving to provide delicious and nutritious balanced meals, seeking to use the purest ingredients, sourcing organic and or local produce, use whole grains and whole foods, utilize a whole store water and ice filtration system, use eco and sustainable products, support local artisans and community. We are on a mission to choose and create consciously. We want to feed your body, mind and spirit one bite at a time.

We Constantly:
  • strive to provide delicious and nutritious balanced meals
  • seek to use the purest ingredients
  • source organic and local produce
  • use whole grains and whole foods
  • utilize whole store water and ice filtration systems
  • use eco and sustainable products
  • support local artisans and community

We are inspired by ultimate health and want to share it with you!